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I'm Coming Home

Verse: 1

Each night I feel so lonely
It's hard to find my way
But knowing I'll soon be with you
Helps me get through the day
Refrain: 1                                                                               
I've been away to long
Singen the same old songs

Keep the fire burning 
I'm coming home

Verse: 2                                                                              
Tonight I'll be in Memphis
The last stop of the tour
The crowd will be cheering
Hoping that I'll play one more
Refrain: 2
But what I'll be thinking of
Is holding you, my love
Keep the fire burning 
I'm coming home
Bridge: 1                                                                         
Whenever you're near me
Your heart touches mine
It's just like the very first time
Never thought I'd find someone who
I could love...the way I do you                                                             
Refrain: 3                                                                            
You're the answer to my prayer
The joy to my despair
Keep the fire burning 
I'm coming home                                              

I'm coming home

Lyrics By: James Erb

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