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Verse: 1

An-ge-li-na, welcome to the world

An-ge-li-na, a miracle to behold

When I see your face, as I hold your hand

Then I understand


Chorus: 1

The precious gift God's given me

The perfect start to our family

Wide eyed and so care free 

I love you my Angie


Verse: 2                                          

An-ge-li-na, soon you'll be turning five

An-ge-li-na, how quickly life passes by

As I look ahead and I watch you grow

I'd like you to know


Chorus: 2

You're the song that's worth playing

That special gift that keeps giving

You make life so worth living

I love you my Angie


Verse: 3

An-ge-li-na, today you become a wife

An-ge-li-na, you're starting a whole new life

When the time is right and when you're ready

To start a family                                                 (your)


Chorus: 3

You'll feel the love that children bring

The kinda love that makes hearts sing

The same love you've given me

I love you, my Angie


Bridge: Guitar


Verse: 4

An-ge-li-na, it's time for me to leave

I hope you know, you've made my life complete  (An-ge-li-na)

Before I say good-bye, and I close my eyes

You should realize


Chorus: 4

What a joy you've been to me

I'm as proud as I can be                (proud) (a mom/dad)

You've made me so happy

You mean the world, you are my world

I love you, my Angie


Lyrics By: James Erb

Melody inspired by and credited to Tommy Emmanuel

© 2014 James Erb Music

All rights reserved.





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