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Goin' Back To The Country

I left the farm, headed for the city, to find my fortune and fame
But ever since I left there, life hasn't been the same
Lately at night when the sun goes down
My thoughts drift back to my ol' town  
God... I miss the country, I miss my home                                                  (Kentucky)

Concrete skylines and waitin' in long lines, bright flashin' neon lights
Morning rush hour traffic and hazy starless nights
You know, The city life ain't the life for me
Cause the city ain't what I thought it be   
I'm goin' back to the country, I'm goin' home                                              (Kentucky)

Mountain ranges, and wide open spaces, countless stars in the sky
The smell of homemade cornbread and the taste of warm apple pie
Huntin', fishin' and sweet corn pickin'
Are among the things that I've been missin'                                                (some of)
I'm comin' back to the country, I'm comin' home                                         (on my way) (Kentucky)
I'm comin' (back) home

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